Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{A glorious year, a review}

 {snaps from Seattle}

Another year has passed and I am constantly in awe at how fast our lives fly by. It is truly difficult for me to stay in the moment, to not look ahead and wish for the future to be here now, and yet one day I wake up and that is exactly what has happened.

2011 was a fantastic year. I may not have gone on a wild european vacation, or made the crazy decision to jump states (like I did in 2010), but this year was filled with personal growth, new friendships, big love and a more mature outlook on life. Looking back, I think this is the happiest I've ever been. Here are my favorite highlights.

January: I celebrated the New Year in Seattle, attended my first NBA game, and made the leap into semi-fashion blogging by signing up for Kendi's 30x30. A big step for me, I've always preferred to be behind the camera, not in front of it!

February: The month came quickly as I continued to go strong through the 30x30 challenge. No wonder they call it a challenge, taking outfit photos is a lot of work! Props to all the full time fashion bloggers out there. Chris & I celebrated both a mellow and fancy valentine's day, and continued the month of love by attending my good friend's wedding. The evening was beautiful, you could see their happiness radiating though all the guest's faces. And I cried. Kind of a lot. Wrapping up a busy month, my martha stewart soulmate (Sarah) & I planned and hosted an oscar party.

March: I stumbled on the gloriousness of Phoenix's underground food truck ring, and I continued on my 30x30 path while my best friend Devin came in town to visit my new home. We packed as many activities in as possible, like going to Caramelpalooza, I took her to my favorite coffee shop, froyo shop & of course in-n-out, and we toured the vintage shops I had been dying to check out. At the end of the month, I attended the Arizona Blogger Meetup, and met so many wonderful new people!

April: The weather continued to heat up, I baked a lot of goodies, took a mushy walk down memory lane, and celebrated a three year anniversary with the sweetest guy.

May: A little website called Pinterest totally rocked my world (nerd), I celebrated my awesome mother from afar, had some very fun dates with the boyfriend to barnes & noble (nerd), a mexican fiesta and pottery designing (super nerd). I fell in love with the Phoenix Public Market, which peaked my interest in shopping local, then jetted off for a business/play trip to Las Vegas! Made it back in time to celebrate the boyfriend's birthday.

June: I kept trucking away on decorating my apartment with a fun dining room DIY, got visited by my mom! We traipsed all over Arizona visiting Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Phoenix Public Market and more.

July: Chris & I decided to spend 4th of July in San Diego with my friend Bianca, and I celebrated my one year anniversary living in Arizona! Bianca was the best hostess for my first trip out, taking us to the Aquarium, Balboa Park, and USD. I forced Chris to stand in line (for 2 hours!) so I could see HP7.2 at midnight, and we had an ideal Arizona summer weekend. Some of my bestest friends surprised me with a visit to Phoenix.

August: The month was filled with blog related events! First was a mini meet-up at Arrogant Butcher, a retail event at DownEast Basics, blog chats at Lux, a preview of a newly updated local movie theater and right at the end, an fall preview event at Neiman Marcus. I started my first weekly feature, Finding Inspiration: Links, and launched my page of eats & treats: nosh!

September: I daydreamed of fall temperatures (it's still an inferno in AZ!). Chris took me on the fanciest date I've ever been on, and spent the dreamiest evening spinning atop a building looking at Phoenix's views. We decided to spend the next weekend celebrating my birthday in California, had an amazing breakfast in Santa Monica, breakfast in San Diego and I was reunited with my favorite friends for the WSU game. Then my friend Sarah took us out to dinner at the most amazing dessert place. Chocolate heaven. At the end of the month we jetted off to St. Louis for gardens, football, drool worthy BBQ & more breakfast!

October: My friend Jess & I ate our weight in tacos, I saw a hipster documentary, and received the best gift ever. I was featured in the local pub Phoenix New Times, and celebrated halloween while admitting my potterhead obsession with a fun DIY.

November: What a crazy fun month! A couple blogger friends & I were asked to attend the Karen Kane fashion show in Scottsdale, I met fashion guru Ken Downing (!!) at a Neiman Marcus Event, and Project Ethos as well. I made my favorite appetizer of the year, and saw the Cardinals vs. Rams game for the second year in a row. Feeling frazzled by all of the inspiration out there in the world, I checked out for a weekend and went to visit Devin. Thank goodness for best friends. My mom came out for her yearly Thanksgiving visit, and my aunt & uncle joined in the fun. It was a family packed weekend!

December: Chris & I rounded out the year with a last minute, SUPER fun, roadtrip to California. We got to say goodbye to our friend Sarah, who is off on a new life adventure. Finally, I returned home to Seattle for the holidays. I stayed with my mom, saw almost everyone of my great friends & family, celebrated christmas, stayed out past my bedtime and barely slept the entire time. It was fabulous.

After all that...I'm exhausted. Welcome 2012!

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