Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{On vacation we... attended Caramelpalooza!}

While Devin was in town, we accomplished an amazing amount of fun excursions.
So many, I have decided to split them up into separate posts so I can share all of the many details specific to each event!

First up...Caramelpalooza!
Devin, Chris & I attended this fun event, getting knee-deep in a very sticky situation.

The Phoenix New Times's foodie blog, Chow Bella put on the event with the help of Smeeks candy shop in downtown Phoenix.
Twelve different well-known caramel makers and confectioners were put to the test as caramel lovers from all over AZ showed up to sample a variety of sticky caramel delights.
Want to see the whole list of entrants? Visit here.

{Caramel Aficionados}

Chow Bella searched far and wide for local experts to be guest judges at the event.
My good friend Omar was chosen!
His limited 50-word submission got picked above a stiff competition, chosen based on his vast knowledge of Law & Order SVU (so clearly he is very judge-y) and a caramel themed haiku.

{Omar & his judgy-ness}
After eating enough caramel to make someone sick, we decided on our favorites. 

The Caramel Macaron from Essence Bakery Cafe
The Caramel Apple Tadpole from Tammie Coe Cakes

I also have to give a shout out to Tracy Dempsey for her caramel with soy sauce aged in bourbon. Holy holy this thing was amazing! I was the only one who liked it, which meant I got three. Fine by me.

More honorable mentions go to: 

Virginia Senior of Urban Beans' dark chocolate-covered crunchy toffee with pecans, which Devin loved,


Brendan McCaskey's peanut butter and jelly caramel, which was a real crowd pleaser.  
Me & my allergies unfortunately could not help to decide!

So fun. Still so full.

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  1. I heard about this but I wasn't able to attend. I heard Essence Bakery swept the awards! I'll definitely have to go there and try their macaroons soon. I have no excuse... I live so close!


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