Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The End of an Era

Well, friends. 

Today I write to you with a bit of a heavy heart, filled with conflicted feelings about this little corner of the internet. But, after much pondering, I have decided to stop writing on this blog.

The best way I can put it into words, is five years after I first hit publish, I have outgrown A Bit of SparkleFarkle. Five years ago I was (almost) a new college graduate, looking for any kind of creative outlet to save me from drowning in the misery of senior projects, the pre-requisites left to the last minute, snow and a my job at the WSU bookstore. It turned into my absolute favorite place to spend my spare minutes during the day.

It is amazing looking back to see the adventures I've documented, from graduating, traveling Europe, moving to Arizona, starting my internship, trekking all over Phoenix and this desert state, renting and filling my very first solo apartment, exploring my passion for baking, cooking, fashion, interior design, and of course - the daily hunt for the perfect cup of coffee.

I met blog friends, I made best friends, I helped create the only major blogging conference in the state, I got promoted, I left the ad agency, I started my career with Neiman Marcus, I traveled all over the country, I went from single to in a relationship to single to in a relationship, I started a business, I gained an amazing sense of self, strong will, independence and drive.

For all those things and more, I will be forever thankful for this blog. 
Thank you to all of you readers who have been with me throughout the journey.
Friends, family, and new faces, who took the time out of their days 
to check in on me, to see what I was up to, to comment and say hey.

Although A Bit of SparkleFarkle will no longer be up and running (however, the archives will live on)
my urge to journal, photograph and document will never cease to exist. 

You can find me a couple of new places:

Instagram for daily snaps of life.
The Pepper House Blog for my next life adventure
Lucky & In Love for a glimpse into my business

May 2014 bring you everything you have imagined, and more.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A place to think

I've lived in this house for three and a half days, and I've already found my spot.

I love this. Right here at the breakfast bar, seated at the island in the middle of the kitchen, with light streaming in from the open window. I sit beneath the breezy fan, usually playing on my iPad, pinning images of dreamy weddings I will one day plan. I jot down notes of things I'd like to accomplish in my personal and professional life, and let the growing list of house to dos rack up in my brain. 

These cabinets will be painted.
The pool hall-esque light fixture removed.
Curtains added.
Wine rack stained. 

But for now, it is the perfect seat to sip coffee and relax. 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Power Tools & Mimosas: A Moving Tale

This post brought to you by the amazing power of power tools. Specially a Black & Decker screwdriver that I guarantee saved Chris and I many hours, and tired, scratched fingers.   

And just like that...the move is complete! Goodbye bachelorette pad! The weekend was dominated by boxing, taping, and stressing about the movers banging up my precious things. Sunday morning was an early start as the movers arrived at 7:30, ready to whisk my things off to the house. Those men were serious professionals, and I will forever stress the need to hire help with big projects like this! Mostly due to my less than body builder physique...but my urge to keep and pack ALL OF THE THINGS. Hello three years of hoarding on display for the world to see (and judge me by).

A few hours unpacking and burying ourselves in used newspaper wrap and bubbles, we resurfaced to take a trip to a Jewish deli near the house. Followed by a surprise celebratory bottle of Veuve to motivate us to plow through the rest of the clutter. 

Monday morning came the time to finally put on pants, for a holiday brunch date with my gal pal twin Kortney who is visiting from TX, and a whole crew of my favorite people. 

Three cheers for short weeks, and getting to the weekend as quick as possible. I have decorating to do!