Thursday, March 17, 2011

{On vacation we... visited my favorite coffee shop}

I have such big love for Lola Coffee in Phoenix. On any given weekend you may find me there blogging, immersing myself into design websites for ideas to decorate my apartment, scouring over Craigslist & enjoying a freshly pulled cappuccino.


{breakfast - spinach & potato quiche}

Devin and I started out one morning by visiting the coffee shop to get enough energy to take on our busy day. I love that at all of the Lola locations, the have small blank books and pens that are scattered throughout the sitting areas in the shop. Easily unnoticed as the small books are typically found stacked between magazines, newsletters and pages of the daily paper.

The books are filled with poems, abstract thoughts, hello notes & streams of consciousness,
imaginative drawings, love letters and typical guest book signings.

We left our mark in one book.
If someone ever finds it, take a picture and let me know:)

Caffeinated & ready to take on the day!

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