Monday, August 29, 2011

{Lux Central: A Tour}

When it comes to my most loved coffeehouse haunts, I am a snob.

If I'm in need of a quick coffee to go, my standards are much lower, and really any corner Starbucks will do the trick. But if I'm meeting a friend to catch up over coffee, share good news, sit and enjoy my time, I want it to be while I'm sipping out of an overflowing ceramic mug with a flower design in my latte foam, in an old worn-in leather armchair I imagine I'd find at my great grandfather's house. I want there to be mood music and homemade muffins, mismatched stools & chairs filling every corner.

I want somewhere that I can cozy up in a corner with my computer and headphones, and disappear for the afternoon. I want to smell fresh ground coffee beans in the air, see employees that truly enjoy the art of the espresso machine, who don't mind if you've been seated for hours and only ordered one drink, and who want to remember my name.

Lux Central is exactly my kind of coffee shop. It's loud enough inside to talk enthusiastically with friends, but quiet enough to bring a new favorite read. There are families and couples, hipsters and students. There are community tables and sofas filled with strangers, who are glad to inch down to accommodate one more person. It seems everyone is smiling inside, even with the bustling line and too-crowded ordering space.

After a little digging to find out more information about the shop, turns out they started in Seattle. I should have known! No wonder my trip on Sunday was so wonderful, it felt like home. 2+ hours of conversation with Jess about jobs, boys, blogging & our futures was exactly what I was looking for this weekend. I can't wait to go back with a book or perhaps my laptop. This place is inspiring!

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  1. The new Lux is GREAT. Such an awesome atmosphere! I was just there today actually :)

    Loving your outfit. It's the absolute perfect casual-chic. Gorgeous girl!


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