Thursday, August 25, 2011

{Finding Inspiration: Links}

I got a coupon in the mail, for buy-one-get-one-free ice cream at Coldstone. I took it upon myself to force Chris to take me on an mid-week date to enjoy some frosty ice cream, which was a much needed break from this AWFUL heat wave we're suffering through in Phoenix.

A number of things happened. The ice cream guy totally caught us taking douchy pictures while waiting to order, he threw away the coupon without looking at it & didn't know what to offer us so he had to dig through the trash, he added a measly 5 chocolate chips to my mint ice cream, accidentally gave Chris a small size, then tried to charge him for a big one and finally had to run chris' debit card four times before it worked. Apparently it was not ice cream guy's day.

But when we walked outside we saw a coldstone ad that yelled "WANT TO GET CHOCOLATE WASTED?!" which totally made my world. Ha! And now some links to enjoy.

  • I'm not really sure what I'd do with it, but I keep wishing & hoping this Farmer's Market Basket finds its way home with me.
  • This home is not my usual style, but every image had me completely inspired. The deep colors & rich fabrics of the living room make me want to curl up with a good book. 
  • Photo bunting with your favorite pictures & snapped memories. I'm thinking of combining some of my best travel shots to hang in my bedroom!
  • Chris ALWAYS makes fun of my hoarding tendencies, with the worst being pasta sauce jars. I can't help it! They must have a greater purpose...which I found.
  • The fun invites created by this company are inspiring me to throw a party! I don't know what, or who I'd invite, or what I do at it....but atleast I'd have cute invitations, right?
  • An end of summer picnic bash with some friends in the park. Download these cute invitations & get planning! via.
  • Fun cocktail glasses for the glowing newlyweds in your life. I'm a sucker for a great mustache.
  • This too cute dish to save your rings & jewelry from slipping down the sink while you're showering or washing your hands. I think I held it in the store for a full 10 minutes before forcing myself to put it down and walk away!
{be inspired}
  • By some wonderful news. I just found out that she is getting her own show!! GAH! I'm so excited. SO SO so excited.
  • By the Lovely Lady feature on this blog. I'm sure you'll recognize a few famous faces from around the blogworld, and maybe find a few new ones too. I'd like to start doing something like this, I've been so inspired by a lot of wonderful people i've met lately, and the wonderful friends who are closest to me! Feelin lucky:)
Happy Friday!

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  1. I had no idea the Ree was getting her own show! (We are totally not on a first name basis.) I love her blog. Thanks for sharing the news.


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