Monday, July 18, 2011

{Weekending: Summer Edition}

This past weekend couldn't have been a better example of how I like to spend days off in the summertime. Fun events mixed with a few easy errands (Target is ALWAYS a win. not a chore), baking, laying by the pool bronzing, and time spent with good friends. 

Friday Chris and I marked another box off the bucket list, by heading to the Diamondbacks game. We had good seats, crazy cheap beers (in comparison to Safeco Field in Seattle!), and watched as the Dbacks lost. 

It didn't matter though, it was just as fun to watch all of the crazy LA Dodgers fans in their masks & capes, shouting one-liners and picking fights with the Dbacks fans. Oh the sportsmanship. After, we met some coworkerfriends for drinks & dinner at Bliss/reBAR, ate soft tacos, so good pretzel bread and a Philly cheesesteak.

The weekend was filled with delicious fresh fruit, which made an excellent topping for my early morning Eggo waffle breakfast on Saturday. I almost felt like I should turn on some cartoons to complete a perfect kid morning.

BBQing at a friend's new house "forced" me to go to Trader Joe's to pick out some pretty sunflowers, and to taste test their featured summer white wines. Green Fin chardonnay was the winner, which I definitely recommend for a hot afternoon! Once at the house we dined on amazing grilled chicken & kabobs, pasta salad and super flavorful local corn. Then we played with their new Kinect for the rest of the evening, laughing at our poor zumba salsa skills, my awesome athletic abilities & how silly everyone looks while playing. Incredibly fun!

For dessert I made Martha Stewart's peach crumble from her July/Aug Everyday Food issue. It was so delicious, and easy! Served a la mode with some vanilla bean ice cream.

Sunday the boyfriend and I watched the women's world cup, saw Horrible Bosses (which I was kinda disappointed by), rented Just Go with It (loved it - cheesy but funny), and made small jumps forward on our Switzerland travel plans.

I loved this weekend. Planning to repeat again soon!

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  1. My fiance's company has season tickets to the D'Backs, so we attend quite a few games. We're still in awe of how much cheaper it is compared to Safeco.

    If you're interested, our alumni group is having a Coug night at Chase Field in September:

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