Thursday, June 9, 2011

{Dining Room Mirrors}

Long long ago I bought these mirrors from Ikea.
I got a brilliant idea of what to do with them, and blog teased my genius project here.
Mostly because I thought I would get them done in a timely fashion...
5 months later, the project is finished!

I started with a romance novel that I picked up from the Arizona State Fair for free, and ripped it to shreds. I attempted to remove most of the white space, to leave behind just the pretty print. It didn't matter the size or shape of the pieces, I made it work.

With the addition of an oh so handy bottle of modge podge, I glued & painted & stuck & waited patiently for each side of the mirrors to dry before starting the next side. It was tedious. 5 months worth of tedious. (No, not really. I tend to start & stop projects often since I always loose interest. Not my favorite personality quirk.)

When the mirrors were finally finished, it was time to figure out how the heck I was going to attach them to the wall. Not a surprise that these cheap Ikea mirrors didn't come with any sort of backing, wires or ANY help with actually mounting them. Perfect. 

Two trips to Home Depot and a trip to Lowe's later, I had found enough confidence to hack at them myself. A knowledgeable employee told me I should use a staple gun & wire, instead of the eye hooks I had originally purchased. So I bought some. Of course they were the wrong ones. So I had to go back again to swap them out. Hurray for gas wastage.

Three harmed Trader Joe's bags and a half of a roll of masking tape was all it took to measure out where I wanted to place the mirrors. I have to admit that this method worked wonders, I only hammered ONE hole per mirror into my wall! Then ripped off the paper bags from underneath, leaving only the nails. Somehow I managed to not sustain a single injury which was amazing. But then again this whole process took about 2 hours. Guh.

The detail!

My dining room is starting to look more & more finished every day. Woo!


  1. how cute! and i love that your reppin your hometown in the back :)

  2. Great idea! I just might have to copy you on this one. :)

  3. Thank you Brianna! Have to have little bits of Seattle/WA all over my apartment:)

    Cierra - go for it! It was super easy, just a bit time consuming. Next time I might not rip such small pieces!

    ❤ Katherine


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