Monday, July 11, 2011

{Balboa Park}

Balboa Park has to be one of the most beautiful places I've been in the US. The trees, the architecture, the bustle of families, kids & tourists, street vendors and novice magicians all combine to make a scene that I wouldn't have expected to find before this trip. 

We started out the day mid-morning, with a trip to the international houses. Little huts are lined up next to one another, representing many of the world's most interesting countries. We popped in and out of several, smelling the delicious treats they offered, gazing at photographs and stopping to watch a video every so often. I of course be-lined for the France house, diving head first into my Paris memories and longing to go back. It was dangerous. 

It started to get hot, so we picked up a few bottles of Perrier and made our way deeper into the park. 

I felt like I was back in Europe again with all of the spanish architecture, lush gardens, and perfectly trimmed bushes. The lily pad filled ponds with koi swimming beneath the water were incredibly mesmerizing, and it was amazing how the load noise made from the crowds of people, easily disappeared.

As we were walking by the Prado restaurant, we snuck down to the most perfect secluded area for a wedding. Turns out they were setting up for one that afternoon, so we hopped the ropes to catch a glimpse!

Everything was beautiful.
Even though we only saw a fraction of the entire park, there wasn't a single part I didn't enjoy.
But, my favorite part of our day? 
The rose gardens. I could have spent hours.

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  1. Majority of my life I lived in California and visited San Diego more times then I can count and I have never gone here! I am so going to have to remedy that now after seeing these pictures !


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