Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{Dessert Addict}

Most people have a stopping point, where their brain or stomach lets them know they've officially overdosed on sweets and they need to stop. My brain & stomach do not. Which means when I'm brought to amazing restaurants like Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego, my brain will force me to daydream about that place for weeks after. Seriously, I need a trip back! 

Our good friends Sarah & Damian had been to the restaurant before, and recommended we go back for birthday celebrating after the football game. Sarah is well aware of my chocolate addiction, and could not have picked a better place to go!

The downside to this fantastic restaurant is the wait time for dinner. I think we waited a little over an hour to be seated, which would have been fine if they didn't make you stare at glass case after glass case of dreamy looking desserts. They even have a register at the front if you need a treat to snack on while you wait.

We were finally seated before anyone of us freaked out from hunger or caved from temptation. I didn't get a good shot of the dining room since it's all lit pretty dimly, but it's filled with modern-ish looking furniture on the inside with high & low tables, booths and a beautiful patio.

We ordered a few different appetizers & paninis and an amazing grilled cheese sandwich with caramelized onions. The bread was a little to thin/crispy for my liking, but all the ingredients were amazingly fresh and flavorful. We ate until we were stuffed but managed to save room for the most incredible (dare I say...extraordinary?) chocolate cake I've ever ever had. Ever.

Not real.

We also ordered the berry bread pudding, which completely changed my outlook on bread puddings. I didn't use to like them and now I do. But I'm insisting on gold leaf to top the dessert from now on.

Chris & I managed to pull ourselves out of food comas to go out that night, while S & D headed back home. It was so nice to have them drive all the way out to hang out while we were in town, and I'm excited for the next time we all get to see each other!


  1. I sorta think its kinda of mean of your to post all these pictures because now my mouth is watering!! Glad you had a great trip!

  2. holy bananas!!! Those desserts look delish! I hope you had a grand birthday my dear!


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