Friday, September 23, 2011

{Finding Inspiration: Links}

It's been a good week. Packed with meetings, catching up on work, packing & re-packing, and now I'm in St. Louis for the weekend! On Tuesday, Chelsea, Courtney, Kara & I met up for coffee at Lux Central. Good friends, great convo & laughs can do a lot for a stressed out mind! I always feel better and inspired after our meetups.

  • I've fallen completely in love with the idea of a Moroccan wedding blanket thrown across my bed, used as a comforter. I love the sparkle and texture!
  • Thrift-filled homes are inspiring me more than ever lately, like this beautiful Melbourne home, or this quirky space.  
  • Pumpkin everything. Like this pumpkin cream cheese recipe that would be perfect to serve at a holiday brunch (or just keep in the fridge all Fall/Winter!)
  • Rosemary olive bread. I can only imagine how this fragrant smelling loaf would fill the entire house with the best smell! 
  • These well styled and assembled Limitee boxes by Chewing The Cud.  The boxes are "a beautifully curated collection of vintage ephemera and adorable embellishments in a unique cigar box for your gift-wrapping projects." HOW COOL.
  • These beautiful fashion watercolor paintings. I wish I was this talented!
Happy Friday!

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    1. Tree stumps tables?! I am in love. And I agree, I want pumpkin in everything I eat from now til Christmas lol


    Reading your comments is the best, it makes my day! ❤K