Thursday, September 22, 2011


Both times I've visited San Diego, my friend Bianca always talks about her favorite restaurant on Coronado, Tartine. We needed a place to grab a cup of coffee & get some breakfast, and finally decided to make time to visit the French cafe. 

We sat down and ordered apple juice (my favorite when it comes in the adorable glass bottles!). Tartine has a great breakfast & lunch menu, but they're also know for their fantastic pastries, breads and desserts.

{glass case glare will be the death of me}

We waited for our server for what seemed like forever (the service is not the best), but at least I had ample time to decide and re-decide what I wanted to order. Between the oatmeal, sandwiches, topping-filled salads, and breakfast choices, my indecisiveness was taking over.

Holy. Clearly I wasn't reading the menu carefully enough, because if I had seen the ham & cheese quiche the fist time through, I wouldn't have had a hard time! I LOVE quiche. Seriously, love.

Chris & Bianca both ordered the turkey sandwiches with a side salad, and the BEST salad dressing I've ever tasted. Homemade creamy champagne vinaigrette something delicious, light and fancy. If it wasn't a 6 hour drive back to Phoenix from SD, I would have bought a case load of this dressing, which I'm sure many people do! They sell it at the front near the registers (for all of you out there who about to run straight there to pick up your own bottle).

Bianca's mom met us a little later, and ordered a blueberry scone while she waited for her salad. Considering it was right there... I guess I had to try it. Worth it.

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