Wednesday, March 2, 2011

{Call me Kitty Kat}

Last Saturday, Chris & I attended my friends Ashlyn and Allen's wedding. The whole event was beautiful! 

Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I have a slight obsession with weddings. I was 13 when I decided my life goal was to be a wedding planner. I started a collection of all the Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine issues, wedding gowns & flower books, and even met planning genius Mindy Weiss at a book signing (the highlight of my career as a wanna-be wedding planer). I've put that dream aside for a while but I can't help but get all tingly anytime I hear about weddings.

Working at the same agency as the bride, I was privy to information and sneak peeks of the wedding in the weeks leading up to her big day. Since I had seen so much of the planning behind the wedding (which she did on her own, while having a 9-5 job... amazing!), seeing the final product was something very special.

Could they be any cuter? 

This was the first wedding I attended outside of my family. Now I'm itching to start putting the pressure on the rest of my friends to get engaged, so I have another wedding to attend!
Not really friends, you have a few more years:)

Date & I

In normal Katherine fashion, it was a serious struggle to get to the wedding. A stormy and blustery day, the cold and rain was not the most ideal weather. We left with plenty of time to get to the wedding on time, if not early, but of course that wasn't what happened. Traffic happened. My skyrocketing anxiety happened. Sprinting through the rain and into the venue one step in front of the first bridesmaid happened. 

But we made it! 

Ashlyn looked absolutely fantastic! The rain didn't put a damper on the wedding at all. I cried, of course, during the ceremony and speeches. Something about weddings really pull my heartstrings. 

And their cake was delish. 

A highlight of the wedding was the garter toss.
Allen threw it directly at Chris.
Full on, hands practically to the floor, stop-drop-and-roll style.
The garter hit the family table behind the group of single men.
This is Ashlyn pointing & calling him out.
It was hilarious!


  1. Haha! My boyfriend refuses to be apart of the garter toss! What a stinker! :)

  2. I cried too, and it really was beautiful. I wanna marry Reece again just so we can have the party! Hah, Im a loser, I know! :)

  3. I don't know where that boyfriend of yours got that from. He doesn't usually move that quick . . .


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