Friday, October 28, 2011

{The DIY Harry Potter Costume}

A few people have asked for more details on the Harry Potter tie I made for my friend's HP Halloween bash. I may be addicted to crafts, but I'm no Martha Stewart (I wish). It was incredibly easy!

1. Buy a gold tie & crimson paint

2. Use your masking tape skills to cover the entire tie in diagonal lines.

3. Once it's covered, remove every other tape stripe & discard.

 4. Paint your first layer of paint! Let dry (I let it sit overnight). Yes, that's a bottle of wine that I'm crafting with. Judge me.

5. Second layer & let dry. 

6. Remove tape slowly (or quickly cause you're so excited it worked).

7. Done! Now wear it in all it's glory and soak in the public humiliation of being this big of an HP diehard for life. It feels good. 

If you're looking for a last minute Halloween costume, this could not be easier.  Wear the tie with a white collared shirt & black skirt and glasses. Boom. Halloween celebrations can begin.

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