Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{Crockpot Turkey Chili & Floor Picnics}

When the weather turns grey and a fall chill is finally felt in the air, I almost immediately crave chili. My mom's recipe is my favorite, but my patience for standing over a pot while I stir, season, taste, stir, season, taste for hours on end, is limited. (Mom's have incredible patience, don't they?)

Thank goodness for my new best friend, the crockpot. This kitchen appliance makes everything better, not to mention fills my home (and apartment building hallway!) with the most ridiculously wonderful smell. Which was definitely a life goal of mine. That, and coming home to a completed meal is a dream

No garlic stinginess allowed. I used at least 4-5 cloves.
I'm Italian. It just feels right.

My mama recommends a variety of beans. I'm not picky about brands or flavors so I used 2 pintos, black beans, white beans & kidney beans. Although, I really love white beans and wished I had used more! Realistically, it all tastes the same once it's in chili form. 

Brown ground turkey with some onion, garlic salt & pepper for flavor. 
Toss it in the crockpot!

I sauteed all of the garlic with half an onion in another pan, and added small diced carrots. Threw it in the pot. Then topped it all off with two jars of whatever red sauce I had handy, I think it was Classico Roasted Garlic? 

Go crazy with it. 
Tablespoons of both crazy.
3ish felt right.

Chili, topped with chopped green onions & a dollop of sour cream.
Served in a mug.

Baked potato split, buttered & salted.
Topped with cheese.
Topped with chili.
Topped with cheese.
Served in a trough.

Only joking, he ate it in a bowl like a regular person. Just in a very large cereal bowl! Which we enjoyed on top of two comforters and a sleeping bag, on the floor. While watching five episodes of Happy Endings & two episodes of Modern Family.



  1. Yummmm. That's almost exactly how we make chili!! Turkey chili is sooo delicious. I always top mine with about 8 cups of cheese and sour cream, haha. Probably negates the health factor of using turkey ;)

  2. I have been trying to convince myself that domestic bliss will come if I own a crockpot! Now I think you sold me on it!! Garlic-y Chili deliciousness!!! thanks for sharing!

  3. Of course! You must buy a crockpot. Serisously, Walmart has them for cheap and they will make your life INSTANTLY better.

    ❤ Katherine


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