Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{Courage to own faults, Resolution to mend them}

{present from my awesome boyfriend who returned from his NY vacation last night}

Resolutions are the funniest thing. Personally, I don't think people spend enough time reflecting on all the good things that happened to them in the last year, instead focusing on all of the bad things they need to fix. I'm tempted to make my resolution for 2012 to continue being awesome (ha!). To end the year on a positive note, I compiled a list of things I loved about 2011, which I'll post tomorrow. You can see last year's "Year in Review" if you'd like.

This year I plan to improve on a few things that are very important to me.

1. Make my blog more of a priority - Pretty self-explanatory. I love this little online journal that I've created, love my dear readers, and find such joy looking back over the adventures I've been on the last couple of years. It is my creative outlet, my way to release stress & my hobby...it deserves a little more attention.

2. Strengthen relationships - Currently, I have two types of relationships in my life. Long distance friendships that I cherish so strongly, and new arizona friendships that are making my time here so worthwhile. Both need a little more time & effort, which is high on my lists of things to do better. When I sit back and look at the wonderful support system I have with friends across so many states, I can't help but smile. I want to be more considerate, more thoughtful, and much more proactive. And also send birthday cards.

3. Drink more water. A lot more.

And of course I have a few goals that I'll plan to work at, like sticking to my budget, throwing more dinner parties, blogging more outfit posts, meal plans, spending more quality time with the boy sans-phone, keeping my nails painted, working hard at my job and reading at least one book a month. Oh and working out more. Like everyone else & their mom.

*the title is a quote I hacked. Writers privilege. It should say "How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them." - Benjamin Franklin


  1. great goals/resolutions! I want to steal them all and add them to my list:)

  2. Thank you! I figure if I keep them small, I'll actually stick with it:)

    ❤ Katherine


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