Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Surprises are not exactly my favorite thing. If I can tell someone is hiding something from me, or if I know something is coming up I just don't know what, I hate it. It makes me all nervous and antsy, it consumes my thoughts, and usually makes me wish the surprise would go away completely. 

On Saturday, Chris told me it was date night and I was in for a night of surprises. Most of me wanted to prod him until he finally fessed up to our plans, but somehow I managed to keep quiet...for a while.

Little did I know I was in for the best surprise! I was picked up early in the evening & chauffeured to my favorite sub shop in Tempe. Afterwards we headed to Tempe Marketplace, still without even a hint of where we were going. Until we walked up to As You Wish, a pottery painting shop! SO.EXCITED.

The last time I was at a place like this, had to have been in elementary school. I think I painted a tile. And I think my mom threw it away. So this time I went for the big project - a mug! Considering how much coffee I drink, I can always use more. Chris full on laughed at me when I told him I was going to paint a crown. He thought I was kidding until about half way through the mug, when I got the "you have got to be kidding". Baha! Princess Katherine will reign over her kitchen while drinking coffee in the morning all she wants. Leave it alone.  Chris painted a sweet fighter jet, with extra detail, as you can see above. It pretty much pained me to hand our creations over when we were finished!

The next surprise stop on the list was Lucille's, for dessert! I got up to use the bathroom and came back to find this giant delicious jar of fresh strawberry lemonade, and the menus missing. Chris had swooped in and ordered something that apparently I would "love". Hmm.

When our server brought out a dish of banana pudding, I laughed in amusement, Chris LOVES banana pudding and I really really dislike it. I knew the 'Katherine date' theme had to end at some point. But then...

Holy holy.
There were no words. 

So I was wrong. We sat and ate our desserts, and I even saved enough to bring home in a doggie bag for a next day treat. To top off the whole evening, we went and saw a movie after dessert. Top 10 favorite date nights for sure! Minus the agonizing couple of days we had to wait to finally get our ceramics back. The end products were SO worth it!

Hahahaha I'm so in love! Especially with both of our secret messages.
What a perfect evening.

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  1. Oh my goodness what a fun night!! My fiance took me to As You Wish for our first Valentine's day together and we made each other robot piggy banks, lol. I love your mug!! It's super precious!


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