Monday, May 9, 2011

{I got it from my mama}

Happy Mother's Day Mama!

I don't even know where to begin to try to touch on the appreciation, love, admiration and awe I posses for my mother. No blog post could be long enough, card be crafted well enough, or present big enough for me to feel as though I have said thank you enough to my mom. 

Anyone who has met my mom can agree when I say she is one of the most wonderful people on this planet (yes, obviously I'm biased). She is kind, caring, passionate, and truly a hard worker. She did such an amazing job as a single parent, she made it look so easy. She probably regrets this, since I certainly took all of her effort for granted for many, many years (teenage Katherine was NOT as friendly). I had no idea! Everything seemed so simple for her, working multiple jobs, cooking every meal from scratch, cleaning every square inch of the house, and still finding the time to craft & play with me all night long. She was always so positive! Her laugh infectious. My mom was there for me as I waved goodbye to go to school, and was home again before I stepped off the bus. She worked hard through the school year so she could have summers off with me. She helped me through the turmoil and awkward years of middle and high school, the tears, the excitement of college, the thrill of graduation, moving to AZ with nothing but a leap of faith, and will be there for so many years to come.

My mom has been there through everything, as my constant companion, best friend, confidant, therapist, un-willing nutritionist (i.e. pickiest eater EVER), accountant & financial planner, personal cheerleader, nurse/doctor, assistant, leader, guru and finally, my idol. 

I am old enough to come to appreciate when someone points out a similarity between my mom and I. We may not look alike (except for our ears!), but it's safe to say my core is a close reflection. She is the reason why I want to be a mother one day, and continue to spread the love she has filled me with. I'm so lucky!



  1. Wow.That was so heartfelt.You're what it's all about.Feeling appreciated for all the committments a good parent makes for their children.Your mom is equally as lucky.You surely are a good candidate for having children.
    You keep this type of behavior up and you just might be able to be worthy of having our grandchildren.

  2. Aww, very sweet. We are so blessed to have mothers :)

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