Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{Cardinals VS. Rams - Year 2}

Who would have guessed that I'm turning into quite the football fan. I can speak somewhat knowledgeably about what's going on during the game, and can yell/scream/cheer with the best of them. I prefer to watch games live, or at least in a bar, so I can focus all my attention on being a sports fan. When I'm at home, I get way too distracted with things like magazines and cleaning.

The Rams came into town over the weekend to play the Arizona Cardinals. Actually going to the game makes it WAY more exciting, I love getting involved with rivalry, crazy passionate fans, and of course tailgating. We went last year too, and had so much fun!

We ate at Gordon Biersch before the game started, mostly because every other restaurant in Westgate had a 2 hour wait. Which was terrible news. But GB was so good! Mushroom Swiss Burgers with grilled onions and extra pickles, extra mustard and BBQ on the side are always a good idea. 

We entertained ourselves half the time watching football, and half the time chatting and taking pictures of ourselves. We're girls, it happens. 

It was a pretty simple back and forth game, and I was convinced the Rams were going to win. So convinced that all of my chanting and yelling was easily distracted into taking more pictures.

And then all of a sudden they lost. WHAT! In overtime, with a 99 yard punt return. (Check out that football jargon! I know, impressive.) We were crushed. Maybe next year, Rams! After the game we immediately headed to yogurtland for dessert before dinner, which made the evening much better.


  1. I JUST found out that the Arizona Cardinals used to be in St. Louis years ago. I remember when the Rams moved to the STL and I just thought that was the 1st pro football team St. Louis had. As a sorta St. Louis native who then moved to AZ, you would think I would know that!

  2. Really?! Haha I have little to no sports history thanks for sharing!

    ❤ Katherine


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