Friday, November 11, 2011


This post initially started as my usual Friday Links. Which apparently prompted a bit of a panic.

{classic solution to my neurotic tendencies - get a coffee.}

Do you ever feel so overstimulated you can't think? So many things on your to-do list you're paralyzed to even complete the first task? So incredibly inspired you want to make 1,000 crafts, meals, DIY projects, treats and more that you don't do anything?

Holy. This week. I love the internet, blogs, pinterest, friends and tv and feel so inspired by everything that I see, hear, smell, touch that i feel like im so full of ideas i just want to explode. I want to take up knitting, screen printing, bake cupcakes with special treats in the middle for all of my friends, stencil/distress every piece of furniture for my house, spend hours on craigslist looking for the perfect settee for my empty apartment so I can eventually be featured on Apartment Therapy. Visit every Goodwill in arizona looking for the perfect mid-century great condition lamp that i can spray paint my favorite color. I want to make cute crafts and treats for every holiday and have dinner parties, make stationary, sew my own high waisted skirts and thrift my life away so I can cover myself in the perfect vintage pieces. I want to make dinner every night with a beautiful entree and several side dishes, bread that has been rising for hours and decadently beautiful desserts in the oven. I want to throw myself into fashion and interior design, and have a wildly successful career and personal life with tons of friends, events, and always look polished & put together. I want to travel to all the nooks and crannys of the world experiencing adventures in exotic lands. I want to spend hours making my blog look nicer, creating awesome posts that will help someone cook/bake better or be a little inspired. Not to mention photographing all of the above things on my good camera, and of course instagram.

I am totally overwhelmed by the possibilities of life. 

I'm even more overwhelmed where to start. Do I make a giant bucket list of all the things I want to accomplish from now until forever? There are not enough pages or ink or hand strength to do that. Sigh. I think I'm giving myself an eye twitch.


  1. Ahhh youth! Can be so overwhelming & even scary at times. Take a deep breath. You have your whole life to bake & distress furniture & visit every Goodwill & learn how to knit (I learned using YouTube tutorials!). I know how it feels when you see something awesome & think to yourself, "I can TOTALLY do that too!" & you end up with a giant list of things you want to do. Like now. At this very moment. All at the same time. Impossible' (that was in a French accent, btw).

    Take it one step at a time. You feel this way because you know how talented & awesome you are & what you are capable of accomplishing. Lucky you, you have plenty of time to try it all out. ;)

  2. Welcome to my life!! I feel like this all the time. Ive found that changing my attitude about it has been helpful - like, I'm never going to accomplish every creative endeavor I'd like to, but isn't that a great problem to have?? An abundance of inspiration? Roll with the one or two things you can accomplish and save the rest for another day or week. Because it's supposed to be fun, remember? :)

  3. Girl! I am so glad to hear you are human! I feel this every day! The internet can make what is supposed to be an "inspired life" feel just daunting! The whole "live a life pretty enough to photograph every second" philosophy is not a reality! But we can try can't we? ;) haha You know I am down for any and all of those creative endeavors! I have been making seasonal to-do lists, with 10 things on them max, and that seems to help!

  4. Ladies, thank you for the WONDERFUL comments. Seriously, sometimes if feels to nice to vent and get all the junk swirling around in my head out in the open!

    @Nata - It is refreshing to hear that we have plenty of time to figure it all out, now I just need to get myself to listen! I stalked YouTube and I'm currently a knit earwarmer...progress!

    @Kara - It IS such a great problem to have. I don't know how you do it, all this creative inspiration on top of all the things out there to look at for weddings? Scary! I envy your calm perspective!

    @Courtney - Trying is the best way to do it, I agree. Even if we don't accomplish everything, half would still be impressive! Hooray for being "yes" people! Can we add it to our next Breakfast Club agenda, making a seasonal inspiration task list?


Reading your comments is the best, it makes my day! ❤K