Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Haircut Anxiety}

I hate getting my haircut. Hate it. I get nauseated waiting for my appointment, sweaty palms, grumpy, and start picturing all kinds of above-the-shoulder haircuts the stylist might decide to inflict on my head. Maybe it's a control issue, but every time I'm sitting in the cushy salon chairs with wet hair and scissors in my peripheral vision, I want to faint.

Well it's no wonder. I went to get a trim on Saturday (I haven't had a haircut since april 2010...avoidance), and she chopped 5+ inches. Seriously, what is it with people wielding scissors! Split ends, shmit ends, I don't want mom hair! 

Don't let the smile fool you. I'm kind of devastated. Here's to waiting another year and five months until my next haircut. Sigh.


Okay, pity party over. We're having some incredible weather in Phoenix right now, with stormy nights and chilly mornings. It feels just like fall in Seattle! Happy it's finally time to pull out my grandpa sweaters, blazers, and boots, make hot chocolate and wear dark nail polish. Happy tuesday friends!


  1. I know the anxiety you are talking about! After my wedding I chopped off my hair and I was hyperventilating in the chair; my husband did not understand what my issue was...but seriously, hair is such a part of a girls personality! I decided that after the first week I like it better when it's long; so now I have a whole 2 years of waiting for it to grow back.

  2. That's the worst. I somehow managed to save my panicking for when I got home! Totally part of my personality, I'm still too scared to curl it. I don't want to see how short it really is.

    ❤ Katherine

  3. That is why I get my haircut by a friend. She knows how anxious getting my hair cut makes me and so she never cuts more than she thinks I can handle. I practically need a therapy session with my haircuts.

  4. Still convinced you're insane for calling this a "mom haircut". You look gorg! My aunt does hair, so it's great because if she fs it up I can be honest! Haha


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