Thursday, December 9, 2010

{Cardinals vs. Rams}

Over the weekend,
Chris & I scored tickets to the Cardinals vs. Rams game.
(Thanks Brandon!)

The seats were awesome. I've never been to the Cardinals stadium, and having only been to one professional football game in my life, this was definitely an exciting day!

This was also the first time I was finally able to see Chris' best friend, Brandon, play live in the NFL.
It was so cool! 
In person is way better than on television, even though it is so much harder to keep up without the helpful computerized lines that show up and tell me whats going on.
(I'm such a girl.)

He played great! 

We had a so much fun, even though we were surrounded by a sea of rowdy fans who I swear were trying to get kicked out of the game. 

Us in our traitorous colors, surrounded by Cardinals fans.
At least I can check it off my bucket list!

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