Saturday, December 4, 2010

{Apple Cup 2010 - GO COUGS!}

Happy Apple Cup!

This year, I will be watching the game on television instead of attending. This hurts me a bit, since I have been to Apple Cup the last four years straight. I may have been tailgating and outside most of the time, but I was there and surrounded by rowdy Coug fans non the less. 

I am having a great time in Arizona, discovering new things, meeting new people and having adventures I would have never expected. This doesn't help on days like today, where all I wish to be is battling frostbite in the 27 degree weather of Pullman with my college friends. 

I realize my college experience had to finish some time, and at the time I was more than ready to hit the ground running, wishing my senior year would come to a quick end. Being a graduate has been more fun than I could have wished, but I will still have bittersweet memories about days like today.

Sorry about the gush. I wasn't expecting that either.
Back to sports. YA FOOTBALL!

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