Monday, July 8, 2013

Phoenix Public Market Cafe

I was so sad when I learned that the Phoenix Public Market was closing. I loved the easy access to locally farmed fruits and veggies during the week (the off days when the farmer's market wasn't open). It was great being able to pop in to pick up some of my local favorites like Dr. Hummus or Sweet Republic Ice Cream. I didn't take advantage of it nearly as often as I could have, and it seems as though I wasn't the only one. The Public Market closed its doors a few months back from under utilization.

Rumor had it that the owners of one of my absolute favorite local restaurants, St. Francis, had purchased the space and was planning to enhance it with a restaurant, using the same locally farmed goods that were once sold in the space. Welp, turns out the rumors were true! The Phoenix Public Market Cafe opened and skyrocketed to the top of my must-do summer bucket list. During Courtney's last week in Phoenix, we made sure to stop by.

The inside of the space is interior design goodness from floor to ceiling. I think I took about 100 pictures of every nook, cranny and detail, hoping to one day duplicate the design in my own home. They sell a ton of amazing and necessary goodies like Rofle Paper Co. market lists, Phoenix buttons, "Yum" hats and artisan cookbooks. Flower bouquets line the entrance as you walk passed the cold cases of grab and go chilled drinks and pre-packaged meals for quick trips. Courtney and I had a whole morning to spend, so we shuffled up to the bar to order some delicious breakfast.

And coffee of course.

Since visiting, I've heard from tons of friends & instagramers recounting their experience at the Cafe, and the to die for item they ate. Now I feel like I need to go back enough times to sample every single thing. Anyone with my for this challenge?



  1. Me, me, me! That makes me so sad. I just visited a few weeks back and fell in love. Thinking about going and stocking up on the yummy meals they have to offer!

  2. They do $8 sandwich and beer deals on Diamondbacks home game days! It's on my to-do list...wanna join??

  3. My twin sister & I were born and raised in Phoenix! We just moved to LA a little over a year ago -- and love it! But of course, we LOVE going back home to visit all of our old stomping grounds.

    I've always known that Phoenix is getting a bit more trendy/cool every year -- but the way you capture Phoenix through your photos makes me think about moving back some day!! Something I never thought I'd feel -- so cool!

    P.S. We're your newest followers -- us Arizonans need to stick together! :)

    xo, B


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