Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A New Challenge: Whole30

My mom has always been a super healthy person. She's a water bottle toting, vegetable snacking, home-made granola kind of lady, someone who gave up wheat and most dairy before it was hipster approved. She hates MSG and high fructose corn syrup, and switched to glass only containers way back when I was in grade school (apparently she was born with a sixth sense about harmful BPAs). She even owns an original copy of The Juiceman's Power of Juicing, which she bought with a juicer when it first came out in...1992. When dinosaurs roamed the earth.

As my slow evolution of one day becoming my mother picks up speed, I've been transitioning my eating habits to follow hers more and more. I gave up most dairy more than a year ago (besides the occasional froyo binge), and wheat too as I was suffering from some not so excellent health issues. Really it's been more of a 70/30 experience, as my "wheat cheat Sundays" have often times rolled into the week. Resulting in a horrible evening of stomach pains and after effects. Like a hangover...when will we learn?!

To jump start my final transition into eating healthy all  most of the time (more of a 90/10 ration is what I'm aiming for), I've decided to enter the world of the Whole30 challenge. 30 days of veggies, lean meat, fish, eggs, seeds, the occasional fruit and sweet potato. I'll be staying away from all grains, legumes, sugars, dairy and alcohol. Thankfully coffee is still allowed. And avocados. Bring on the avocados!

I'm pulling inspiration from bloggers like Jessica of What I Wore, and recipes from awesome food blogs like Nom Nom Paleo, Freckled Foodie, Everyday Paleo, and ChowStalker.

Have you tried any kind of healthy food restart program? Anyone gone caveman and started the paleo diet? I'd love to hear some tips!

*Photos from my May trip back home to Seattle. Pike Place Market is an absolute dream.


  1. Good for you for wanting to make healthier choice and actually creating a plan to start actually doing it! Lately I've been learning more and more about the health benefits of a plant-based diets and am starting to eat more "all natural" foods. Try out The Lean Green Bean and the Undressed Skeleton for yummy food ideas too- they are so amazing! Can't wait to follow your journey! x


  2. UGH! I feel teased and betrayed! I was looking at these photos thinking, what local PHX gem has Katherine found? Lo and behold, it is not Phoenix at all.
    I am looking forward to watching your journey! Now that I am feeding my little one solids, I am fa-reaking out about unhealthy crap that sneaks its way into our "healthy" food.
    I need local, I need organic and I need it now.
    Please keep us updated with news and yummy recipes! Also, I follow a gal that is a Paleo bodybuilder. She posts lots of good stuff and is super adorable! strongandsassy.com

  3. Katherine,
    I'm so flattered you mentioned my blog! So sweet, you totally made my day :)
    -Rachael @ The Freckled Foodie

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