Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The River House

Over the weekend, one of my best friends Bianca & her fiancĂ© Bobby hopped in a car to drive from San Diego to Phoenix for the weekend for a family visit. Lucky for me, I happen to be in Phoenix! And was able to steal away a little of their time for dinner at Postino, and catch up over a delicious glass of cab. 

I realized that I had never shared the photos I took from over the summer, where I met Bianca & her family halfway between Arizona and California for a weekend of boating, sun & card games at their river house.

The sunsets we saw looking out from their patio, perched at the top of a hill, were magnificent. The photos don't even do them justice. Having the best of friends so spread out around the country can be tough, but little surprises & visits like these make those relationships so very special to me. Counting down the days until I make the trip to San Diego, where I'll get to stand up beside my best friend as she marries her future husband Bobby. The very thought gives me chills.


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