Monday, October 1, 2012

A Fall Break

I've decided to close up shop temporarily on le blog for the month of October. A full 31 days (well I guess 30 after this post goes live) to sit back and decide where I'd like to take this little ol' online journal. I've gotten to a place where I have compiled quite the list of great post ideas, recipes to try, tutorials to shoot (the hair curl! finally!), crafts to super glue, etc. - yet I seem to never give myself the time to execute. Which leads to frustration and anxiousness, because this little blog of mine is one of the happiest hobbies I've ever had in my entire life. A hard stop seems to be the best choice for now, as the sporadic three halfassed posts a week were really making me mad.

The goal is to nail down a direction. With so much inspiration out there, I'd really like to step back and figure out where I want this space to go, for me, which will hopefully turnout to be an inspiring online space for all my lovely readers as well.

Let's be honest, a true clean break will never happen. I'm still an instaobsessed fool - follow along @sparklefarkle for all my october fall fangirl adventures, outfit shots, and a look into the life of a caffeine addicted, slightly grandma-esque, single PR gal. The Twitter too, which will hopefully one day be more than just a string of instagram posts:) I'm @kthornhill.

Happy October friends! Get out there and abuse cans upon cans of pumpkin puree. 
See ya on the flip side. 



  1. glad to see you back! xo

  2. A break if definitely needed to find inspiration. Maybe you'll even come back with a completely different direction in where you'd like your blog to go! In any sense though, take care!

  3. You better see me like 3x a week now in order to make up for the blog absence! Hey, it's all about compromise ;)

  4. It is nice to sit back and really try to figure out where you want your blog to go and who you want to reach out to. I am pretty new to blogging, but mostly to blogging consistently. It's hard trying to figure that out! But good luck to you, I like your blog so far! :)


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