Wednesday, September 26, 2012

twenty four and ten

Currently: drinking hot tea and pondering the 25 things I want to accomplish with the 355 days I have left until my next birthday (and impending quarter life crisis). The first on the list? France. I'm not sure when I'm going, or where I'll be exploring, but it is my number one goal for the next year to make it back to that country. It's kind of exhilarating knowing I'll be doing some international travel this year.

Currently: still in sweats, listening to Freelance Whales & thinking days off on Wednesdays are the best invention since Gorilla Munch.

Currently: struggling to edit photos & type this blog post on my ancient laptop that is basically begging to be put to rest. If only saving for an iMac wasn't such a slow process. Curse you, expensive adulthood!

Currently: counting down the hours until this weekend. Friday! The Lumineers show! Then enjoying the last few moments of my favorite month, before ushering in an equally as exciting 31 days. Fall baking (PUMPKINEVERYTHINGGETINMYMOUTH), a visit from my best friend Lauren, cooler temps., the return of Happy Endings, decorating for my favorite holiday & an annual spoOoOoky dinner party.

Yep, currently, life is good.
What's new in your world?

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  1. Wednesday off ARE the best thing its like the weekend in the middle of the week! Happy Birthday girl! Hope you get all these things accomplished and much more by your next bday!xox


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