Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{The Hashbrowns}

My last glorious visit to Snooze was after an early cup of coffee & friend chat at Starbucks, then a leisurely meander through Downtown Denver until we found the restaurant.

This time, I could smell those delicious hashbrowns all the way from Phoenix the days before I left on the trip. I thought about them as I landed at DIA, as we shopped in Old Town Fort Collins in the morning, and as we brewery toured in the afternoon. By the time we left on Sunday I was about to burst out of my skin from excitement! Coffee-less and hungry (I wasn't about to risk being too full after the drive down to Denver), we checked my bags at the hotel and began a non-leisurely sprint to Snooze.

Seated immediately, I looked at the menu for all of three seconds before going back to my original favorite, the custom scramble. Although I was quite tempted for those three seconds to order the sweet potato or "ichabod crane" pancakes. Check them out, it sounds incredible, but there was NO way I was ordering something that didn't come with those amazing hasbrowns. That peppery flavor has completely won my heart.

Oh Snooze, please come to Arizona! If not, I may just have to move to you.

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