Saturday, March 17, 2012

{Breakfast for Leprechauns}

Oh St. Patrick's Day, you've always been one of my favorites! The day after my highly celebrated half birthday, you always meant endless gold chocolate coins, treats from mom and building bigger and better leprechaun traps. We'd spray paint gold rocks in the hopes of luring the leprechauns into the perfectly balanced traps, but alas! Each year they got away leaving behind shamrock stickers, candy, coloring books and more. Sneaky little fellas.

I've grown up (somewhat) and replaced the traps with other fun things like drinking green beer and pretending to be irish. Somethings will just never go away though, like fun socks and green eggs & ham with some broccoli and sauteed onion. A little pot of golden pineapple on the side and it already feels like a lucky day!

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