Thursday, February 16, 2012

{The Coffee Shop}

There is a little gem located far out in Gilbert called The Coffee Shop. I wish I could say I discovered this place, and wish I could keep it a secret forever. Unfortunately, a little thing called Cupcake Wars on the Food Network ruined that for me, and the shop has become extremely popular.

Best visited on a gloriously sunny day (which is pretty much any day in this state), the large outdoor patio looks out on the shop's massive fresh garden, which they use to source fresh produce for their delicious food. Same with sister shop Joe's Farm Grill, which is right next door! Cool, right?

My friend Ashlyn is lucky to live right around the corner from The Coffee Shop, and her & her husband are frequent visitors on the weekends via bike ride. How cute is that!? She has been insisting I make the drive out for the longest time, because she knew this place and I were made for one another.

With a full menu and trays upon trays of goodies to choose from, we decided to order breakfast and a few treats to sample. Being a brunchaholic, this was non-negotiable for me. All made in their kitchens, the muffins, scones, whoopie pies & cupcakes are first come first serve until they run out! I wanted to try the "coffee & cigarettes" cupcake, which was their winning cupcake on the Food Network, but they were sold out. I guess I'll have to go back. I also didn't try the coffee, which is apparently their true passion. Rookie mistake.

My breakfast. was. incredible. The San Diegan Omelet is served open-faced, and is covered with mushrooms, cheddar and feta cheese, bacon crumbles, chives, tomatoes, and sour cream. I added avocado because, well, obviously. 

Ashlyn ordered the Tomato Basil Sandwich, with mozzarella, mayo, tomato, basil, onion, avocado, feta & Italian dressing on 9 grain bread. With fritos. Yum!
And then...the treats.

A chocolate on chocolate cupcake & the strawberry whoopie pie.

This was the true test of patience, sitting quietly and NOT diving in to our desserts before our breakfast arrived. I battled each and every moment that passed, clasping my hands together as to not to whip out my fork and dive right in. Thankfully the food arrived quickly! But the desserts. Oh my goodness gracious. I can't decide which I liked better, but I'm leaning toward the whoopie. Both treats were so soft and full of flavor, and over our 3+ hour brunch/chat I'm willing to admit that every last crumb was enjoyed. I'm so excited to go back!


  1. Ok...crazy that I just randomly clicked on your blog because I thought "Sparklefarkle" sounded funny. Then I read your about me. It's so crazy...I am from Seattle and moved down to AZ 2 years ago. AND I live one mile away from The Coffee shop in Gilbert! Haha! your pics :) -Melissa

    1. No way, what a coincidence! Well nice to meet you via the internet, are you as obsessed with The Coffee Shop as I am!?



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