Friday, December 16, 2011

{Finding Inspiration: Links}

I wanted to share this lovely custom item made by A Vintage Poster, that I created for my best friend Devin's birthday. Shout out to Sara for being so lovely to work with, who managed to translate the exact image I had in my head with one of Dev's favorite quotes, into this poster in a few short emails.

This weekend is my company holiday party, last minute gift scrambling since Chris & I are celebrating our Christmas early (I'll be in Seattle for the actual day) which means SANTAAA comes on Sunday! Hooray for two Christmases. So looking forward to peppermint hot coco, Christmas brunch and hanging out in matching green&red plaid PJs all day.

Now some links for you to enjoy this pre-holiday weekend!

  • For those of you who are huge fans of blogging queen cupcakes and cashmere (if under a rock, much?) her new food/cocktail/DIY book is now available for pre-order!
  • Adorable eco-friendly bags for your green friends. I use bags like this whenever I can to do my grocery shopping! Hippie trait passed down from my mom.
  • This ornament, dying. Buy it for everyone you know.
  • DIY hair pretties for friends with baby girls. Couldn't be easier to make! Over at Ballpoint+Pen.
  • Typography artists are so incredibly talented!
  • This dress. I don't know where I'm going to wear it, but I'm pretty sure it needs to happen immediately.
  • This one too, for that matter. Cocktail party? Brunch with friends? Anyone need a date to the Oscars?
  • I realize I'm nowhere near ready for this time in my life, but I cannot get over these phenomenal invitations by Plura Belle Calligraphy. The details! The colors! The font! Drool.

Happy Friday!


  1. okay i have so many things to say about this post.
    1. That poster is awesome and I love that site! I am wishing that i knew about it sooner because that is what everyone would have received! haha
    2. that first dress. i die!!! can we both just buy it and then like go to dinner? is that weird?
    3. those wedding invitations are amazing! love!

  2. Haha well you can get a jump on presents for next year! And yes. Clearly we need to buy the same dress and wear it out and about in Phoenix. Wouldn't be weird at all! Hope you had a good weekend:)

    ❤ Katherine


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