Thursday, March 10, 2011

{Navy & White}

Have you ever had a color combination that you just can't seem to stay away from?
Navy & white is it for me!
Something about the dark and light contrast, navy being such a rich and deep color, and probably the fact that it is the most used color combo for anything striped! (Which I also fall into patterns of buying)

 Outfit details:
White top, Urban Outfitters
Skirt, Ann Taylor LOFT
Black pumps, Target
Watch, Michael Kors

Also, hurrah for un-covered legs! Win!
This spring is shaping up to be great. 
It's been warm and beautiful here all week, and I hate to admit that I'm starting to get addicted to this whole vitamin D & sun every day thing that all these Arizonans always rave about.

I still miss a cloud or two every couple weeks.
But sun tanning by the pool in march?
Can't beat it.

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  1. Lucky! I wish the weather was hot here too.. It's freezing where I live.
    Very cute outfit :)


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