Friday, March 11, 2011


Today is Friday & I have the day off of work.
Therefore I am winning.
I'm going to win every moment.
Cause clearly I'm on a drug, and it's called Charlie Sheen

{Chris kept telling me to 'smile with my eyes'. Well, boyfriend. This is what you get.}

Today is the first day I've taken off of work since I started my adult job.
Feels similar to the days in college in needed to take a 'personal day'.
Leading up to those personal days I always felt exhausted, needing sleep, and pounding coffee after coffee, hoping that overabundance of caffeine would jet propel me through week and deliver me straight into Saturday morning, sleeping in & relaxation.

When the personal day finally arrived, I would wake up earlier than ever, 
bounce out of bed never having felt so rested, even if I got half the sleep.
Clearly, it's in my head.

This Friday-off/personal day is even more awesome,
because I have a visitor.
Seen here and here.

All the way from snowy and cold Ft. Collins, CO, she is in for the weekend. 
Armed with the longest sightseeing to-do list, we're cramming in as much bonding, touring, shopping, partying, picture-taking fun as we can before she leaves. 
Or tries to leave.

What fun plans do you have for this weekend?


  1. Love the look of royal blue on that red.

    This weekend... I think I'm going to flagstaff to cool off. And I'm going to try to make the Scottsdale Arts Festival with the food trucks. I have to try them.


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