Monday, March 7, 2011

{Changing Seasons}

Spring is in the air!
Apparently Phoenix has had enough with the "winter" months here, and has decided to switch seasons a little early.
The low this week is 75°...high of 83°!

This of course is terrible news to my wardrobe.
My poor sweaters barely got enough use. 
My puffy vest...only once! Bah!
My Seattle staples are looking less & less useful here in AZ.

Shopping over the weekend proved to be the catalyst I needed to put away the long sleeves, the heavier jackets, the thicker scarves & comfy sweaters.
A trip to Home Depot resulted in dodging maxi dress after maxi, springy floral skirts and bright hues. 
My wool black & gray sweater was not pleased.
Neither was my internal thermostat.

Tights....beware! Your days are limited.


  1. Bah! Why must you always look so polished and gorgeous? You make me look bad! :)

  2. Arizona has all too many shorts and tanks days. Have you been through an Arizona summer yet?

  3. I've only been through was absolutely brutal! Now that I know what to expect I'm hoping it'll be easier.

    All summer long I kept trying to force cute outfits with layers...not worth it in 115 degrees! This summer will be breezy & light and minimal.

  4. People complain about the weather in Seattle (or in my case, Vancouver), but it really offers a myriad of sartorial choices. You look cute in your warm weather ensemble though.

  5. that blue is greeeeat on you! love the outfit posts!

  6. Thanks lady! This shirt is one of my favorites!

    ❤ Katherine


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