Friday, February 4, 2011

{Bird is the werd}

I put this outfit on, and the first thing Chris said was 'are you going horseback riding today or something?!'

Uhh no, not that I am aware of. Thanks for that.

 Today will be filled with lots of working, the inevitable Friday crash at 5 p.m., then the second wind once I realize it's the weekend! Not enough sleep this week has left me with the need to be in comfy & easy clothes. Thank goodness for casual Friday's at the agency.

Outfit details:
Pinstripe button up, Forever21
Jeans, Nordstrom
Boots, Target

Suns game tonight for work, shopping & cleaning tomorrow, the return of 70 degree weather & the defrosting of my toes, WM Phoenix Open Sunday morning, then Superbowl in the afternoon to watch the Steelers win! (knock on wood). And also the Justin Bieber/Ozzy Osbourn commercial. Because I seriously can't wait.

This weekend will be packed!

It will also include another scouting trip to find more cool places in Phoenix to take my picture. Any locals out there who have some tips they want to share?

Happy Friday!


  1. Cute outfit, clean and classic and with the perfect special touches.

  2. beautiful outfit! thanks for the inspiration. can't wait to put on outfit like this together!

  3. Thank god its Friday, I will leave you this to think about.....

  4. hahahaha! That video. Brightened my whole afternoon.

    And thank you ladies for the nice compliments!!

  5. Wow! What great backgrounds you've discovered! I love your outfit, from the boots to the belt! =)

  6. you look beautiful! any horse would be proud to have you. :) i just decided that i NEED a caramel-colored belt in my life. maybe that'll be my reward for finishing this 30x30 round...
    seriously, fabulous ensemble.

  7. You look fabulous, girl! I love this look on you. And your hair is amazing!

  8. Cool wall! I like your top belted. Ah, that's what sunshine looks like!
    Check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  9. Thank you Brittney, Kelsey & Jen! Your wonderful comments made my weekend:)

  10. My favorite outfit crisp and casual. I really love the bird wall.


Reading your comments is the best, it makes my day! ❤K