Thursday, February 3, 2011

{Month of lovin}

It's February!
Go put on some red!
Kiss your lover!
Tell someone you love them!

Outfit details:
Red shirt, Forever 21
Black&white skirt, Forever 21
Black Pumps, Target

I understand that this is the winter version of the 30 for 30, and in an effort to be wintery I threw on a scarf with my outfit this morning. Not only that, it was about -100 windchill yesterday (says the girl in Arizona). But somehow I got hot. The scarf had to go.

 It's also the day of the arm-pop pose.
Which according to my photographer, needs to be retired.

See?? It just wouldn't quit.
I need to knock it off. Or else I will be a blogger without a photographer, taking awkwardly self-timed pictures (which I never seem to make).

Watch, Michael Kors
Pumps, Target
Scarf, Italian street vendor

Back to love. I love love. That's probably why I love this holiday so much! 
Has anyone put up their Valentines Day decorations yet?
I have been moving slow on the holiday decor this year!


  1. I <3 it. BTW you could be a Kardashian. So cute. I can't wait for the weekend to get outside and get some outdoors photos. I am that awkward chick you mentioned. Except I am awkward even with a photographer.

  2. love your outfit AND that fabulous wall in the background! i always love a black, white, and red combo, and you put it together very well! nice look!

  3. Thank you ladies!

    Michelle - I can't wait to see your outdoor photos! And don't worry I'm even awkward with a tripod. How does that even happen? Always a giggle after the photo...and I'm alone!

  4. I was told to stop w/ the arm pop today too! And then told to pose w/ a shovel, lol, my fiance has some GREAT ideas *smh*
    That wall is absolutely perfect with that cute outfit!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I absolutely love that skirt! Your background is perfect for Valentine's Day.


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