Monday, February 7, 2011

{Sports Fanatic}

I seem to be masquerading as a sports fan. I wonder if people notice that I'm faking, that I'm usually in attendance to these events because I love the things that go on around sports. I love fans, cheering, rivalries, tailgating and of course the food & drinks. I could care less about player statistics, rankings, which team offensive line has been successfully making new plays, or whatever other jargon I can't even make up.

Anyway, I love watching sports. Close games are the best, when you can feel the excitement and tension in the air. Proof of my sports fanatic status started on Thursday, when I attended the ASU Women's Basketball Game. 

Then Friday for date night, Chris & I sat in a suite at a VERY intense Suns Game. The Suns played the Oklahoma City Thunder, a.k.a the former Seattle Sonics. Chris wore Oklahoma colors. Apparently it was an "accident". We were sitting with ALL Suns fans, who had also given us the tickets. I was tense. 

But then the Dancing Dads showed up. Baha! I love this. 
The love started here.

Saturday was filled with fun errands (Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Fry's in Scottsdale, yes please!) 
Does anyone else have big love for markets? I could spend hours perusing the aisles! Which is why I always get sent alone.

Saturday's outfit details:
Sweater, Forever 21
Tank, Forever 21
Black Skinny Jeans, Forever 21
Flats, H&M

Then Sunday morning we were up bright and early to get ready for a sports-filled day. 
I made 7-layer dip at 8:00 in the morning. Have to say that was a first. 
Sport stop #1 was the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Sunday's outfit details:
Copped jacket, Urban Outfitters
Tank, Forever 21
Black Skinny Jeans, Forever 21
This was unfortunately the best picture I have from the day. There were no cameras OR cell phones allowed at the event (crazy people), so a parking lot photo did the trick. I wore all black to support my losing team, the Steelers, which apparently didn't help them in the Superbowl AT ALL.

Sports stop #2 was our Superbowl party where we watched, ate tortilla chips & dip, listened as Christina Aguilera and the Black Eyed Peas butchered their performances, and saw the bland Superbowl commercials roll by. Hoping for better next year!

My favorite?
It's a tie for Darth Vadar & the beaver. 
Beaver, not Bieber. Only disappointment for that one.

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