Monday, December 20, 2010

{Christmas Cheer}

{Christmas tree & stockings}

I have always been one to go all out for the holidays. The day after Thanksgiving I pull out all of my green & red glittery decorations, blast Christmas music and kickoff the season full of baking (proof).

This year I am in my new apartment, in a new city, and had to start from complete scratch. My mom gifted me a throw pillow for my couch, which was all I started with. Scouring for some cheap but nice Christmas decorations over the last month, I managed to fill my apartment with some great finds. 

{dining table decor}

Christmas on a budget:
Holiday glasses - Ikea, $4.99
Tree - Target, $40
Table runner - Target, $20
Ornaments - Target, $1 per tube
Red chargers - Target, $9.99
Snowman Candles - Gifted
Stockings - Michaels


{glittery mini-ornaments}

Christmas countdown: 5 days!


  1. love the pics!!! keep blogging missy!


  2. Thank you!! I'm happy you have been following along:)


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