Friday, December 17, 2010

{Yo Side of the Bed}

I FINALLY have a bed to sleep in,
to watch movies in,
 to fight over covers & space hogging,
to wrestle to get the 'good' pillow in
& to spend the weekends in slothing.

Set up was a bit of an adventure.
Even with my trusty assistant.

I love Ikea. REALLY really love Ikea. I like that things are cheap and somewhat easy to set up. I like roaming its aisles looking for inspiration and $1.99 kitchen items. Between the staged rooms and the marketplace, I can't seem to find a favorite. The rooms give me great ideas, help narrow down which items I need, where to put them, and make the warehouse MUCH easier to navigate at the end of my trip.

Then again, the marketplace is equally amazing. For a brand new apartment renter and first time bachelorette pad dweller, Ikea is my muse. 5qt. pot for boiling pasta? $14.99. Picture frames to display all my cheesy college pictures and amateur photography excursions? It ranges, but basically free. Not to mention my lovely new dining table, sideboard and bed (craigslist finds, but they were born from Ikea), priceless. The list goes on and on.

Back to building.

Sorting. Quite the task.

I wish I could explain the level of patience this took.
Accomplishment is a complete understatement.
See my lady hammer in the shot?
That was the ONLY tool we had. 
One screwdriver the size of my pinky and a hammer that I wouldn't let him use 
because I was nervous it might scratch the wood...

Shock & awe. 
It's also still standing! 

Want one of your own, buy here
Or listen to the title inspiration beat, here.
Have a lovely day:)

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