Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{Smiling's my favorite}

My mom and I have always had the tradition of buying me a new ornament every Christmas, so when the day finally came for me to move out I would have my own collection & my tree wouldn't be bare.

Since I was the one picking out the ornaments, from childhood to now, I have some odd ones. From a Santa dunking a basketball hoop, glass ballet slippers, a wide-smiling Garfield and more, my poor tree would have looked like a big mish-mosh of someone with terrible taste and too many kids. 

Which I have to admit make the most interesting trees.

{From me to Chris: Eiffel Tower, for our trip to Paris}

Unfortunately, the ornaments did not make the move. I will save the fun of picking through all of them next year, once my mom finally forces me to clear ALL of my stuff out of her house. So I started a new tradition, off of our old one.

The goal was to find ornaments that meant something to us, and reminded us of the other person. It took me a little while to figure mine out (actually I couldn't, he had to tell me). 

{From Chris to me, a pig which looks strikingly similar to tshirt I have}

We both ended up buying ours from World Market, luckily with no repeats.
They made for excellent stocking stuffers.

Christmas Countdown: 4 Days!

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