Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{It's Monday Already?!} : volume IV


A relaxing weekend away was exactly what I needed. With life a little crazy with work, the heat, getting situated & learning my way around a new city,  a mini-vacation was very necessary! So Chris & I headed to Rocky Point, Mexico for the weekend with his roommate, his roommate's girlfriend, and the roommates parents. 

{view from the cabana on the beach, we sailed on the rainbow sailboat}

{maui babe & bronzing}

In all of the time I have been in Arizona, I have never been so sun deprived. Partially work related - my cube has a small window to the outside, which lets me see the beautiful but torturous 110 degree weather while relaxing in the air conditioning. Somehow, it has managed to monsoon/storm/be the most humid weather I have experienced every weekend, which leads to me hibernating all weekend.

{fruity drinks to cool us down}

After a cloudy Saturday morning, the sun burned off and stayed the rest of the weekend. It was hot, fun and I got some great color! Not to mention tequila, guacamole, mexican food & tortilla chips can do nothing but bring happiness. 

(birds in the shade}

Mini vacation was a success. Back to work for the week!

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  1. Good to see THIS trip was uneventful :) whew mom


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