Monday, August 9, 2010

{It's Monday Already?!} : volume III

I have the emotional strength of a 6 year old. Much to the amusement of my friends and family.

When I learned of our upcoming trip to the happiest place on earth, my heart filled with such an over abundance of joy, and my inner child screamed with the intensity of a post-Halloween sugar rush. 
{iconic, yet creepy}

Ok, that was a bit dramatic but I was excited.

{chris & I}

I have such fond memories of Disneyland from my childhood. My first trip was at the infant age of 6 weeks, with my parents and both of their moms. While I obviously don't remember this trip, or many of the sequential bi-monthly trips as a toddler (we lived in California, it was our equivalent of going to the neighborhood park) the idea of Disneyland will always cause a feeling of warmth, family comfort, and fun.
{familiar faces}

I went to the park with Chris' family. We road tripped from Arizona, a mere 4 hours caravanning with his parents with his two nieces in one car (a 3 year old and a 6 year old) and his sister, her fiancĂ©, Chris and I following a close second. 

{everyone, minus me}

A night stay over at his grandma's in Palm Springs & the next morning we hit the park. First stop, double tall americano from Starbucks with an extra shot. Yes, 4 shots of espresso was necessary.

I wouldn't say the park was exactly as I remember, definitely smaller with a lot of rides that didn't exactly get my stomach churning like they used to. But Disney certainly knows what they are doing! The park sparkled.

{most favorite Disney characters}

We spent the day between hanging out with the family, running around with the little girls who oohed and aweed at the sight of a Disney Princess, and breaking off to explore on out own. The Materhorn Bobsleds and Space Mountain definitely won the prize for the most fun.

{treat in the heat}

{clearly Ava was winning}

Seeing the wonder and joy of rides, real life characters, and the excitement that a spinning light up Buzz Lightyear toy can bring to a child is a breath of fresh air. Having the girls there was great, I loved seeing them smile and gasp with every turn on the roller coasters, loudly belly laugh at a slight tickle, and spin until they were so dizzy that no amount of help was going to get them walking straight.


{me & Nevaeh}

The sleepy eyed-crying, bottom lip pout when the lines were too long and a child's unbelievable sense of curiosity the sends them wandering while fixated on a far away object (usually when all the adults turn around for that one measly second, which then turns into pure the child is missing terror), I could do without. But hey, no one is perfect! And this is why I am still a couple years away from parenthood. They definitely made the day much more enjoyable. 

{BAHAHAHAHA. She will appreciate this when she is older}

Chris and I did sneak of at one point and ran to California adventure. The more adult rides were awesome! The rollercoaster had me screaming like a baby and the tower of terror was actually frightening. No shame.
It was a great and exhausting day. We wrapped up the evening with the 10pm fireworks, and a sleepy drive back to palm springs. 

{Chances are, I will be back very soon!}

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