Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{Hanging Up My Raincoat}

It's official.
I got hired!
So no more raincoats, umbrellas, gloomy days and darkness at 4 p.m. during fall.
Goodbye Seattle, Hello Arizona!

{Phoenix, AZ, my new home}

My internship was coming to the end and I was lucky enough to be offered a full-time position within the company. Time to start decorating my cubicle! 

{weird cactuses instead of pine trees}

{not friendly. beware}
{Dutch Bros coffee taste test}

It is odd not seeing a Starbucks on every corner, beckoning me with open arms. I tried Dutch Bros. for the first time, odd, tasty, and still caffeine filled! It'll work (sometimes), Thankfully there is a Starbucks directly next to my office. 


  1. Sniffle Sniffle :( Dumbest thing I ever did was sending you to college! Now you've spread your wings and flown away. Mom xxoo

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  3. But just think, now you have a warm place to come visit:) Plus, best mexican food ever!


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