Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{September is for lovers... & birthdays!}

Today, it felt like fall.
{taken in Seattle last September}

Pumpkin spice has arrived at Starbucks.
 Which is always a nice way to welcome in the new season. 
I pretended it was rainy & gloomy outside when I looked out my window. 
Turns out it was only a cloud in front of the sun.
Still 102°. 

Fall brings hot drinks, my favorite fashions, fuzzy sweatshirts & soup.

September brings the best month for birthdays.

The first, a very happy birthday to miss Allison Linker!
{Us, NYE '10}

One of the most amazing, artistic, caring, and beautiful people I know.
I am so very lucky to have her in my life!
{she even models for me when I need!}

Miss her very much & I hope she had a great birthday, even without me and my treats!

{the birthday cake I made her last year}

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