Monday, June 28, 2010

{It's Monday Already?!} : volume II

Molly Moon's


I spent the weekend working away at the Mariners, and so unfortunately my fun weekend plans pretty much consisted of sleeping, working, riding the bus, and sleeping again. This doesn't leave a lot of time to do fun and exciting, jealousy inducing events. 

{ice cream}

After one particularly shocking long shift (8 hours, only 3 customers! Come on people, don't you want to see the m's?), my mom surprised me and picked me up outside of the box office. Mothers always have a tendency to know when you need a pick me up, so she brought me to one of my favorite Seattle spots.

{new menu items}

Molly Moon's is one of Seattle's most popular stops for locals in need of a sweet treat, even winning the title of one of Seattle Magazine's Best Restaurants of 2010. The small but bustling shop opened its doors in 2008, and has been feeding happy souls ever since. 

{homemade waffle cones}

The ice cream is probably some of the most flavorful, creamy and boldly flavored ice cream that I have ever had. The honey lavender literally makes me go weak at the knees. The salted caramel gives me chills. And the menu is so diverse that every time I walk in it STILL takes me the entire long, out the door, down the street, wrap-around line to figure out what I want. 

{mouth-watering salted caramel resting on top of a beautiful scoop of honey lavender}

Clearly I opted for both. Are you drooling yet? 

{ice cream & graffiti street art}

My mom opted for the salted caramel on top of vivace coffee, which happens to also be my favorite coffee place in Seattle, (when I choose to cheat on Starbucks). Definitely delicious. I have also sampled the Theo chocolate, vanilla bean, balsamic strawberry sorbet, and "scout" mint.

Seriously, you must must check this place out! 
Locals & tourists alike. 
Warm weather not necessary.

aaaand then I got really full and kinda nauseous. ice cream heaven overload.


  1. do you take your pictures with your iphone or your actual camera??

  2. Most of the time I take them with my big camera because I like the clarity&quality much better, but this past weekend it was trapped in Bernasconi's car! So I had to take all of my Molly Moon's pictures with my phone.


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