Monday, June 21, 2010

{It's Monday Already?!} new feature!

I am adding a new feature to my blog, to highlight my weekend events. So every Monday morning, as you are sitting at your desk with a slight scowl, bad attitude, and a serious case of the Monday's, you can catch a glimpse of some fun stuff you will inevitably wish you had attended:)

Not only that, but hopefully this will force me to get out there and do fun things & explore new territories. 

You don't know this yet, but I am referring to a new announcement that I may be hiding. More on that later.

On to 'It's Monday Already?!' : volume 1

The Fremont Fair

One of Seattle's most spirited neighborhood street festivals, the Fremont fair combines booths with local artists, great food, vendors, art cars, and a wild parade to create a weekend celebrating peace, love and equality among all. The famous 'naked bike riders' kick of the yearly solstice parade, and create quite a havoc in their individually designed outfits created entirely of paint. 

Everything Tie-Dye, a local store that will actually tie-dye anything you bring them! Oooo rainbows.


Clearly died from over-excitement. Or from pure shock after viewing the many, MANY, naked bodies roaming the streets.

Naked bike rider precautionary tool for the rain...or the nakedness? You be the judge.

Winner for the best booth: Theo chocolate! Samples galore! 

Having a parade? Festival? Fair? We will be there. And we will enjoy it.

Festival security. Ready to speed off and chase the nakeds.

Previously naked bike riders.

Winner of the cutest fair-goer. I've never seen so much joy come from a hamburger.




I had a great time! Check out their website to learn more, and start planning to attend next year. 
Oh, and happy first day of summer!

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