Sunday, June 20, 2010

{Barcelona spotlight: Gaudí edition}

Antoni Gaudí is one of the most famous and prominent names linked with the city of Barcelona, and his work is on public display for everyone to enjoy. I am a huge fan of art and architecture, especially when they are combined, and Gaudí's work is incredibly complex and beautiful. His modernista style is so unique, you definitely need pictures to help describe it!
A mini history lesson: the non boring kind...

Gaudí began work on his masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, in 1882. It is massive. The catholic church is still under construction, with the exterior and interior no where near ready. The set date of completion is somewhere in the range of 2026, which seems like a lifetime and a half away. 
The brilliant artist spent all of his time and energy to this project once is began, even dedicating the last 15 straight years of his life to the planning and beginning construction of the building....(makes you wonder if he was too stubborn to stop once he knew how long it would take). 
Passion Façade
Symbolism alert! Check out the magic square...all adds up to 33. The age of Jesus at his crucifixion.
 interior wall detail. 
See the picture of Sagrada Familia with the four tall towers? We were sitting on the bridge the is between the two left towers, so high up. The view from the top was great! 
 After a nauseating trip spiraling down the stairs to the ground, we hopped back on the tourist bus and continued on to see Casa Batlló (pictured above), Casa Milà , and finally Park Güell

Park Güell.

Hurray! We love modernista & mosaics. Faux excitement via the boyfriend:)

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