Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{the big announcement}


I have big news.

Big changes in my life...
exciting adventures...
big risks, hopefully with big turnouts...

{terrible iPhone shot, me and my new ASU gear}

I'm moving to Arizona!
(gasp! shock! wow! second gasp of disbelief!)

This week is my last week in the beautiful city of Seattle that I have grown up around, and come to really love in the last few years. I will be saying goodbye to my wonderful mother/roommate, my fabulous friends, my brilliant dad, my coworkers, my comfort, and my all expenses paid apartment (food too! thanks mom!) to pick up and move to Phoenix, AZ.

{Bahaha proof he puts up with me}

My reasoning?
1. The boyfriend and I have been doing long distance for entirely too long. So hey, might as well try something new right?
2. I have the opportunity to do an awesome PR internship at an agency that I have been oogling at for quite some time.
3. Hello sun tan, where have you been all my life.

So that is my big exciting news. I can't wait. So many new things to blog about, new features, stuff to check out, friends to make, sweating to do (uh 110 degrees every day? crap.), and exploring to conquer. 

So this is Chris. 

He is 23, smarter than he knows, and on occasion makes me laugh. He is kind, a wonderful writer, and his only major flaw is his dislike of chocolate/coffee (blasphemy).  He recently graduated from Arizona State University, and is going back in the fall to begin his next degree in business /supply chain-ness (which most students cringe at the idea of...more years in school? Crazy man). 

He wishes I liked sports more, and thinks I am WAY funnier than he will ever admit.

He also takes me to frozen yogurt whenever I want, 
and only slightly judges my coffee addiction.

He lets me watch 'Say Yes to The Dress',
and will try at least one bite of anything I cook.

{the question is...what did I do now?!}

I think I did okay:). 

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