Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lately: Summer in AZ

Life around these parts has been good, really really good. Summer has officially started in Arizona with the painful arrival of triple digit temps every day of the week - even when it's storming. The city has slowed as most of the locals head out of town to avoid this hellish weather. Us crazy people with full time jobs are enjoying the quick commutes, light restaurant waits and an over abundance of air conditioning chills.

(1) I did manage to escape for a quick trip to the beach, to celebrate the nuptials of one of my best friends Bianca and her new husband Bobby. The wedding was beyond gorgeous, and when I'm done editing the photos I will definitely have to post them on the blog. I swear Bianca could be the next Martha Stewart (probably why we're best friends), and she left no detail spared while planning the gorgeous day. Peonies galore in the prettiest of pinks, a golf course reception mere steps from the beach, and a paper lantern release at the end of the night. It was amazing.

(2) Not such a stranger to this here blog, Chris and I took a trip to Seattle a few weeks back to visit family & friends, and soak up some excellent pea coat weather. After a year and a half a part with no real intentions of keeping up a friendship, let alone rethinking a relationship, he has come back into my life in a truly wonderful way. Turns out we might actually be meant to be after all :) The love tank is looking pretty darn full.

(3) Brunching at my new favorite downtown Phoenix spot - the Phoenix Public Market Cafe with my gal pal Courtney on her last day in the state of Arizona. She has grown to be one of my very best friends for life. Our world domination journey, starting in AZ, was abruptly cut short as she was promoted & quickly moved to a beachy paradise filled new job in La Jolla. I haven't recovered. (miss you court!)

(4) I am so thankful to have a partner in crime who is as hungry as I am (okay way more) and is willing to traipse around town to my favorite restaurants for a fancy cocktail and happy hour. Sunday afternoon happy hours are my new favorite tradition, on days where I can't drag myself out of bed to brunch. Clearly, rough life!

Travel plans are being made, hobbies are being explored, and I'm feeling more settled than ever.
How's life in your neck of the woods?


  1. All I can say is, you deserve all of these wonderful things and have obviously received them because you Secreted them! ;)

  2. I adore the blue shoes in the photo! I am also thankful to have the love of my life with me by my side through it all. Sorry about the weather in Arizona. In LA, it's been hot too, but I live next to the ocean so there is a cool breeze. Happy summer!


    1. Happy summer to you too! The shoes are from Madewell, I didn't get them too long ago so you may have some luck!

  3. I can FEEL how happy you are, just from your writing -- sounds like things are right in the universe again:) So happy for you:)


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